Our Staff

Accounting/Accounts Payable
Leslie Wimmer
Tel: 310-288-3980 x8211
Direct fax: 424-281-2587
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Accounting/Billing & Accounts Receivable
Rita Battat
Tel: 310-288-3980 x8209
Direct fax: 424-281-2586
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Office Administration
Else Latinovic
Tel: 310-288-3980 x8209
Direct fax: 424-281-2585
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Administrative Assistant: David Wimmer, Meghan O’Kane, Lori Yankelevits
Soran Kim
Tel: 310-288-3980 x8206
Fax: 424-281-2579
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Paralegal: David A. Wimmer, Meghan O’Kane, Allison Musante
Chehreh Golzar
Tel: 310-288-3980 x8216
Direct fax: 424-281-2584
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Administrative Assistant: Millicent N. Sanchez, Emily G. Camastra, Allison Musante
Leslyn Sellers
Tel: 310-288-3980 x8214
Direct fax: 424-281-2582
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Paralegal: Janet I. Swerdlow, Emily Camastra, Lori Yankelevits, Karen E. Rhodes
Scott Trimble
Tel: 310-288-3980 x8215
Direct fax: 424-281-2583
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