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California’s numerous Wage Orders govern industries and occupations and establish minimum terms and conditions of employment for employees throughout California. The Wage Orders and provisions of the California Labor Code and the federal Wage and Hour laws are complex; and interpretation by the courts and state and federal administrative agencies include requirements that demand employers pay both daily and weekly overtime to nonexempt employees. Calling an employee a manager or paying an employee a salary does not exempt employers from paying overtime, which is a frequent and potentially costly mistake that employers make.

Many California employers also have become embroiled in multi-million-dollar class actions resulting from challenges to their compliance with federal and state wage-and-hour law. In many cases, the actions seek multiple years of back pay and overtime, meal-period and rest-period compensation, and civil PAGA penalties for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of employees.

A detailed and rigorous adherence to federal and state wage-and-hour laws is critical to employers. Our attorneys help client companies establish sound practices and procedures that reflect the requirements of the state’s wage-and-hour laws. This includes analysis of employee job duties, ensuring proper classification of employees and that overtime is paid, and that no civil or criminal penalties are assessed for violations of wage-and-hour laws.

The firm represents clients through all phases of administrative hearings and litigation, including claims before the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and the United States Department of Labor, and single-plaintiff and class-action litigation in state and federal courts.

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