Dear Clients and Friends of Our Firm,

As we continue to monitor coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely, the continued well-being of our law firm’s employees and their families, and that of our clients and their respective workplaces, is of utmost importance.

Our law firm has adopted precautionary measures to keep our employees safe, following recommendations from federal, state and local authorities in keeping with guidelines from the World Health Organization.

We remain committed to our clients and their needs, being available and accessible, and continuing the highest quality of service as we always have during these unpredictable times. Please continue to contact us by telephone, email, fax, and mail should you need any assistance. We stand ready, willing and able to assist.

Despite the real-time issues and intensified concerns arising out of this pandemic, we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

Millicent N. Sanchez ext. 8203
Janet I. Swerdlow ext. 8202
David A. Wimmer ext. 8201
Emily G. Camastra ext. 8213
Meghan E. O’Kane ext. 8204
Lori M. Yankelevits ext. 8205
Karen E. Rhodes ext. 8206
Allison Musante ext. 8207

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